Guide to Becoming My Affiliate by Ebony Green

Guide to Becoming My Affiliate

A step-by-step guide to earning 15% off every sale you send to my site!


Learn everything you need to know about getting residual, monthly 15% commissions for people you refer to me for coaching!  If they buy an annual plan, a seat in an online course, or one of my digital products, you will get 15% of that sale too!

What's included?

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STEP ONE: Get Ready!
Get a PayPal account for your earnings!
Learn more about what people can buy.
Affiliate Payment Calculator
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STEP TWO: Get Your Link!
Get your affiliate link!
Schedule time to talk through all this!
STEP THREE: Use Your Link!
My Brand - My Website
My Ideal Clients + How I Help Them
Another way to share my coaching subscriptions.
Coaching Subscriptions - One-Pager
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Square Graphic for Social Media
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Empowering entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses!

Ebony L. Green is a business and systems coach, strategist, consultant, and trainer that has been empowering business owners and world-renown executives to enact their visions for over two decades. 

As a one-on-one / group coach and strategist, Ebony helps entrepreneurs, non-profit leadership, as well as, small business owners and managers, use as little resources as possible to create the largest feasible impact in alignment with their vision.

As a professional expert and trainer, Ebony engages with various corporate and community audiences to empower them with knowledge, strengthen their plans and systems, and find peace, love, harmony, and blessings by pushing - strategically - through the pain that comes with enacting vision.