One #GetUnStuck Session

I coach entrepreneurs and business owners when they are in crisis - this is your PANIC BUTTON!


It happens...every entrepreneur gets stuck, and it's okay - it's how we know we are growing and expanding our vision!

In this 2-hour intensive strategy session we will utilize my #GetUnStuck Methodology designed to:
  • identify your pain points,
  • solve for your immediate concerns and issues, and,
  • develop a plan to mitigate future pain!

You will come prepared to brain dump all your business issues and I will share my actionable insights on how you can get unstuck #immediasap!

You will receive a 30-Day Next Steps Action Plan after the session that outlines the steps you need to take to execute your plan for maximized success.

Upon purchase  you will receive an email that will provide a link and code to schedule your session for free.

Contact with any questions.

What's included?

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GetUnStuck Methodology
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Empowering entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses!

Ebony L. Green is a business and systems coach, strategist, consultant, and trainer that has been empowering business owners and world-renown executives to enact their visions for over two decades. 

As a one-on-one / group coach and strategist, Ebony helps entrepreneurs, non-profit leadership, as well as, small business owners and managers, use as little resources as possible to create the largest feasible impact in alignment with their vision.

As a professional expert and trainer, Ebony engages with various corporate and community audiences to empower them with knowledge, strengthen their plans and systems, and find peace, love, harmony, and blessings by pushing - strategically - through the pain that comes with enacting vision.